Wintertime Tips by Dr. John DeRuyter, PsyD

OK – we’re officially past Christmas and into the New Year! If you’re starting to feel like nothing but a very full, very strong pot of coffee will get you out of bed, join

Autumn: Time to Make a Winter Self-Care Plan

  The title of a recent Alaska Dispatch News article “Signs point to a cooler-than-normal Alaska winter, thanks to another La Nina” is enough to trigger a range of emotions in Alaskans. Whether you’re

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Hope Counseling Center Fundraiser

HOPE COUNSELING CENTER FUND RAISER May 15th at 7:00 At The Banks Alehouse, 1243 Old Steese Highway        Come join us for a Paintnite of creative fun!       For more information and tickets

What Girls Wish Their Daddies Knew

I’m spending the morning waiting for my car in the repair shop. Four men in flannel (I missed the flannel memo) and I sit around smelling tires and inhaling exhaust fumes while an enchanting

Springtime in Alaska, a Time of Reawakening and a Time of Struggle.

  Springtime in Alaska posts a sad statistic. The number of homicides, assaults and other forms of bad behavior is on the rise. Tragically, suicides also increase during the months of March and April.

Sexual Assault and Trauma – a Commentary on Media Perspective

This Blog is written by Rachael Bolton LPC. She is a talented and valued clinician at Hope Counseling Center. Her commentary offers a poignant reminder of the real impact of sexual assault and other

Merry Christmas! Five Simple Ways to Create Peace This Year

  My wife started her Christmas shopping a month or so ago. I think my sister started last spring. For me, Christmas always seems to show up by surprise. Typically, I’ve focused on all

Parenting Teenage Daughters Can be a Tough Job

If you think it is tough being the parent of a teenage girl; imagine how hard it is being a teenage girl? Here are some common concerns often brought to me by parents along